⎨EN⎬ Ok, let me put it straight: Pavè might become quite addictive and set your standard pretty high. And if you live on the other side of the town – as I do – it might be a hell of a problem, since you will feel the urgent need to come here again, again and again after your first visit. Also, your friend visiting you and staying over for the night during the weekend will be very surprised you are dragging them out of bed and obliging them to follow you there on a sunday morning. Wondering wether you got crazy or what, they will ask you: “Why are we going on the other side of Milano just to have breakfast?”.  Don’t worry dear Reader, when they get there and try the first bite of Tonka cake or the freshly baked croissant filled with their home made 160 apricot jam they will find out by themselves and go crazy for Pavè too! True story.



Please beware of the buttery and relaxing risk you are running into; this is a bar-bakery-cafè where everything is home made with love and care (and you can see that popping an eye in the view through bakery lab behind the counter) and where everything is set up to make you feel as if you were in your artsy friend’s living room with vintage cupboards and chairs.

Pavè is clearly a project made of people (you might have already understood that this is a plus to me) and even without knowing them personally I can feel they have many dreams, experiences and talent and they put them all in this tiny cosy spot that makes it worth living in Milano!



If you are not a sweet tooth, don’t worry, you will be bewitched by their lunch menu and salty offer. And of course, also the bread is totally hand-made.

P.S. The solution to all the issues Pavè might cause if you don’t live nearby is provided by their Pret-à-Pavè products that you can take home and enjoy whenever you want. They even produce their own Panettone for Christmas!
⎨IT⎬ Vi avviso, se già non conoscete Pavè potreste pentirvi di aver letto questo post. In modo particolare se abitate dall’altra parte della città (io ne so qualcosa) e non potrete visitare questa perla di locale tutti i giorni per la vostra colazione. Eh si, perché Pavè è uno di quei bar che ti fanno sentire più rilassato solo a guardarlo da fuori attraverso la vetrina, e se entri sei segnato a vita dai profumi, dalla bellezza e dalla bontà dei dolci tutti fatti nel laboratorio a vista alle spalle del bancone.

Non sono un’amante dello shabby chic/vintage  a tutti i costi, che mi fa spesso pensare a qualcosa di costruito a tavolino (eh si perché siamo a Milano, non a San Francisco o in Provenza) ma Pavé riesce a risultare naturale e onesto anche in questo! Infine, parliamo di cose serie: cosa dovreste assolutamente provare qui? Senza dubbio le loro buonissime brioches, in modo particolare la famigerata 160 con la buonissima composta di albicocche fatta in casa e poi… uno alla volta tutti i dolci del banco! E non manca l’offerta salata per gli amanti del genere!


如果你還不認識 Pavè,那麼請三思是否要繼續看下去,因為這個地方會讓你對早餐的要求大幅提高,但我們不能保證你每天都能吃到 Pavè的早餐,尤其如果你不住在這一區 ——— 像我一樣 ——— 那可真是會一個頭兩個大了,你來米蘭借住一宿的朋友也會納悶為什麼你要在好好的星期天一大早把他挖起來,就為了搭車到城市的另一頭吃個早餐?! 不過我可以保證他所有的疑問都會在嚐到塞滿自製杏桃果醬可頌的那一刻煙消雲散。這可是真實事件。
即使你不愛甜食, Pavè一樣能滿足你,午餐menu提供各式可口的鹹點及麵包,保證全部自製,不假外人之手,這可以從櫃檯後的透明廚房親自見證。

交通指引: 中央車站一帶,建議搭黃線地鐵於Repubblica站下車,或紅線地鐵於Porta Venezia站下車都可以,再步行約5至10分鐘到達。

via Felice Casati 27, Milano
Tel. +39 02 94392259

lun/ven 8.00 – 20.00
sab/dom 8.30 – 19.00


All the pictures in the post are courtesy of Pavè