What are the best drink bar in Milano?

You might not know it, but Milan is the capital town of Italy when it comes to drink bars and mixology. You need to try it out to belive it!

Here’s a list of my favourites in town:

Via Cesare Balbo, 36 (Metro Lodi, Bus 90/91)

Let me put it straight: this is my favourite drink bar in Milano. Why? There are many reasons why I always come back here even though the choice of drink bars in town is so huge and characterized by a good quality. The bartenders here are like psycologists: after a couple of cocktails they know better than you what you will like. They will guide you through the world of cocktails, with a down to earth approach that I love considered that in Milano everybody tries to become some kind of guru. The drink are just amazing: so well balanced, usually prepared with syrups and infused spices prepared by the bartenders themselves, that you just can’t stop at the first drink! Be aware, this place can cause addiction.

Zinc Milano

Rita & Cocktails
Via Angelo Fumagalli, 1 (Naviglio Grande)

Rita is a must! It is open, located at the end of Naviglio Grande, since 2002 and it is an institution in Milano; many other drink bar embrace their signature cocktail Gin Zen and check out what is happening here to find out about new ideas and trends. It is always a pleasure to see them working, try their drinks and fancy finger food offered on little dishes with the great cocktails.


Nottingham Forest
Viale Piave, 1 (Metro Palestro, Tram 9)

According to many references Dario Comin’s drink bar in Milano is one of the best 50 cocktail bar in the world. It is tiny as a nutshell so if you want to find a seat easily and try one of their crazy cocktails I suggest you to come here in small groups of 2 to 4 people.  Their drinks are inventive, scenografic and surreal and they range from molecolar, sferified to crionic. What does it means? Find it out yourself 🙂

Ripa di Porta Ticinese, 43 (Naviglio Grande)

Are you a vintage lover? Spring is coming and there isn’t a better drink bar in Milano to enjoy a cocktail facing Naviglio Grande. With their cocktails in a hand, it is a pleasure even waiting to be seated. I suggest you to try Elena, one of my favourite cocktails for the summer season. And there is more: if you are fond of secret bars, this is the place to discovere and get a password to enter in the most well known secret bar of Milano! Ask at the counter.



Carlo e Camilla in Segheria drink bar in Milano
Via Meda, 24 (Metro Romolo, Bus 90/91)

This is a stunning restaurant owned and directed by the chef-star Carlo Cracco. The location is just amazing: the building used to be a sawmill and the architects decided to keep the raw nature of the structure and fancy it up a little bit with glass chandeliers, fancy chinas and… refined cocktails. The chef put some of his magic in the imaginative cocktails you can try here: sometimes they can be very scenographic, sometimes they might look pretty strange when you read the descriptions on the menu. Trust the barman and try them! They are always balanced, even though you might not expect it. In summer the enclosed open air area outside the building becomes a garden where you can refresh and sip their fancy drinks.

carlo e camilla in segheria

Carlo e Camilla