Where should I have breakfast in Milano? Follow me and you’ll see!

In Milan there are so many nice breakfast places that I did not manage to choose only 5. Can you forgive me? 😉

7. Taglio
(via Vigevano, 10 – Metro P.ta Genova)

Are you craving for a filtered coffee in Milano? Don’t look anywhere else than Taglio. Their offer a wide range of coffes and prepare them in many more ways than you would even thinks exist: pour over, full immersion, v60, Aeropress, Chemex, Clever Dripper. Taglio also offers their own house blend and a filtered coffee of the month. Why not to pair it with one of the dishes from their brunch menu? And you fall in love with this amazingly designed bar, restaurant and delicatessen you can even come back for lunch, happy hour or dinner.


6. Ofelè
(via Savona, 2 – Metro P.ta Genova)

When I manage to book or pop up and find a seat in this tiny lovely bar i love to treat myself with their light brunch option! They offer a dish that you can choose from a rich menu (an american style brunch with pancakes and bagels) and add to the dish as many coffee as you want and something sweet. Their home made cakes are amazing and the bar is so cosy you will wish to never move from your corner inside Ofelè!

Ofele ofele

5. Pause
(via Ozanam, 7 – Metro Lima)

Pause is one of the most relaxing bars I’ve ever been. And it’s inspiring! It is both a bar and concept vintage store (that should not be tagged as I am trying to do). Just go there, have a coffee and do some people watching through the window!

Pause Pause2

4. Gogol & Company
(via Savona, 101 – Bus #90)

I love books, and I love having breakfast. It was impossible for me not to love this bookstores that is also a nice bar full of light (one of the first in Milano)! I also love the area where it is located, that used to be a working class neighborhood and now is living a revival thanks to entrepreneurial activity like this library and the fact of being very near to Tortona design district.

Gogolandco Gogol

3. Dolci Namura
(via Castelvetro, 10 – Metro Domodossola)

This tiny family runned bar is located in the area of Corso Sempione and deserves a visit for the amazing soy cappuccino (I think it’s the best in Milano) and their amazing custard enveloped in light croissants. Dolci Namura will blow your mind!



2. Panificio Longoni
(via Tiraboschi, 19 – Metro P.ta Romana)

There aren’t lighter croissant than those of Panificio Longoni in Milano, and their custard is just the perfect match for that lightness. Even better if enjoyed in spring and summer in the open air patio! Everything here is made with natural yeast (called “lievito madre” in italian). Since it is a bread shop here you can also buy many kind of breads made with natural yeast and wholewheat flours. In the evening they organize happy hour called “Pane e vino” (it means bread and wine) where their bread is paired with biodinamic and biologic wines from Italy.

Longoni Longoni2

1. Pavè – the best breakfast in Milano
(via Felice Casati, 27 – Metro Repubblica, Lima or Porta Venezia)

You will find hundreds of reviews of this amazing bar located in the lively Porta Venezia. Everything here is home-made: the lusty cakes, the bread, the jams are prepared right behind the glass that you see behind the counter. The location is designed with taste and it feels like being in a friend’s living room when you at Pavè. Let your eyes choose for you what you will eat! Be aware that on saturday and sunday mornings it is usually very crowded so I suggest you to go here during the week or if you wake up pretty early in the morning during the weekend. To understand why I love Pavè so much also read the post I dedicated them here.



Did you try them all? And above all, can you suggest any other nice cafeteria that I did not mention?